Erica's Favorite Things

Balanced Bites Meals


Squeaky clean meals delivered straight  to your home. They have 21DSD, Paleo, and Keto options.  I always have a few in my freezer for when life says nope to my most well laid out plans.  

21-Day Sugar Detox Daily Guide

An essential component to the 21DSD. This source provides guidance, journaling, and recipes.

An essential tool for a successful 21DSD. it provides recipes, motivation, and journaling. 

Great Lakes Collagen


This is my one, can't do without it, supplement. It has been party of my morning coffee for three years now. I see the benefits in my skin, nails, digestion, and workout recovery. It blends in cold and hot liquid, and doesn't have a funky odor like many collagens can. 

Meat and Potato Smasher. Trust me, you need it.

Trust me, this tool will be your favorite.

Do you always NEED a massage?


This innovative product has been a a gift for my chronically tight neck and shoulders. It is the most relaxing 10 minutes of my day. 

My Go-to oil


I use this in my cooking daily. It is a healthy fat, safe for high heat cooking, and is practically flavorless, making it versatile for many dishes.